December 15, 2004

RAIDing party

The server will be going down tonight. I’m installing a NetCell SyncRAID connected to 900GB of external hot-swappable storage. I’m building a SATA RAID from scratch with a Burly 5 bay enclosure. At this point I’m only using 3 of the bays to run RAIDXL (same as RAID3: 2 striped drives with a third parity/checksum drive). This setup should provide great speed and data protection. The empty drive bays will provide hot-swappable off site backups, and allow my future storage needs to grow well over a Terabyte.

Drives are cheap these days, and it’s more cost effective to build your own RAID than to purchase one. Between my design projects, my photos, my friend’s photos and the Final Cut Pro segments I’ve spliced together for JJG’s clients, I’m running out of space. A couple a years ago I suffered some terrible drive failures hours before I had to catch a plane to Stockholm. Data was lost forever. Panicked flight across the Atlantic. Huge data recovery bills. Never again. The small price of this setup provides a touch more protection to my data.


The first external hard drive I bought was a physically huge 5MB SCSI drive for my Apple IIgs. It cost over $2000.

Now between all of my machines, I'm well over 2TB of storage.

I installed the SyncRaid in a G4, w/ 5 300GB drives. It is nice, however, when pulling from the server over the network, it is extremely slow. Have you seen this as well?

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