December 27, 2004

Tsunami photos

Photo sequence of tsunami flooding in Phuket resort. Amazing. JJG and I have been working on planning our honeymoon. One the finalist in our location choices was the Maldives. I’m glad we weren’t there.

Amateur Tsunami home videos:

How to help:


After hearing and looking the tsunami waves, i felt very bad. I would like to pay my condolence to all the peoples affected worldwide.

It is the worst nightmare come true.its like a hollywood movie stunt of the nature. we must understand from this that when nature strikes we r helpless and need to use the resources provided by nature carefully . I ,deep from my heart express my condlolences to the families who r effected by this huge disaster .

pleaze send me tsunami photos


There is a Tsunami photo photos archive here at:

There is a massive tsunami site here: It is really worth the visit. It has new videos (JUNE-JULY 2005) and over 18,000 photos and is always updated!

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