July 11, 2005

Phillyist Food

Gothamist’s offshoot Phillyist launched today. I’ve been a huge fan of Gothamist for ages— it gives me my daily Big Apple fix. Thanks to Murph I got connected to ist-network’s uber-talented Neil Epstein ages ago. Now I’m happy to say we’re joining his family.

Joanne is writing for the Food section of Phillyist. Her articles, reviews and interviews with top chefs can be found in the fozen food section. Congratulations!

I have faith Phillyist will become the local culture powerhouse that Gothamist has become. My only gripe: it may be the city of brotherly love… but I’m not so fond of the pink background.


well thanks for the kind words, and we too are very excited for phillyist. The colors are supposed to echo the phillies colors and it's history in America, but subdued in saturation like the other ist networks. If you have colors you would prefer, I'm sure we'd be open to them, everything is flexible!

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