July 28, 2005

Wednesday’s cold front

(c)2005 jonathan hudson
University City, Philadelphia PA 2005

The storm last night was something else. I was racing on the Delaware River when it hit the city. The sheer force of the gusts came close to downing our J/27. I fought not to go over-board while struggling on the deck with a 60° heel to get the jib down. We knew the storm was coming— but we were caught off-guard by it’s sudden impact on the area.

Looking for leeward shelter from the stink we motored along the PA shore of the river. When we reached the piers with new condo construction, the storm began ripping 6ft plywood sheets off the buildings and sending them sailing into the river. The dirt and debris from the construction sites was whipped into a dust storm that reduced visibility to less than 30ft.

The Liberty fleet made it back to dock without incident. 16 others were not so lucky.

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