June 26, 2007

No business iPhones

No iPhone for business users confirmed. I just got off the phone with AT&T business customer service. To ensure I didn't do something stupid-- like waiting in line for hours Friday night, only to find out I can't upgrade-- I decided to call customer service in advance. Despite having a business account that well out of it's 2 year contract, this is what AT&T told me:

The iPhone will not be available to business accounts. We'll be happy to open a new consumer account for you and transfer your business account's phone number to the new account, but you will be unable to add or upgrade to an iPhone on your AT&T business plan.

The answer was roboticly read from a script by the customer service rep. She's been repeating this to corporate users for days. With the iPhone providing Exchange Server push, Word, Excel and VPN support, I'm shocked they're holding it back from corporate customers.

Very disappointing to say the least. I guess my Friday night is now free.


wow - thats very disappointing. it's interesting to note that two of the biggest apple fan boys I know, wont be getting the juiciest device to come from them in years. Talk about leaving your user base cold.

Well check this out... I don't even have a business account and I am getting the same run around... been on hold for ONE HOUR and still this has not been resolved... I am not happy.

Using your iPhone to write this... Activation was a nightmare! No business accounts was just the icing on the cake.

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